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Located near Nagoya Station in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Ushiwaka is a popular, well established yakiniku restaurant that is lauded not only by locals, but by those brought to the city on business, and visitors who come to travel and see the sights. Located in Nagoya, which enjoys easy access from cities such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kanazawa, and Matsumoto, our restaurant is well loved by locals, and boasts a history of over 40 years. We carefully select our beef, drawing on wagyu beef suppliers across Japan to ensure that season to season, we always stock only the highest grade ingredients. Our restaurant is also distinctive in allowing customers the chance to try rarer cuts, such as top blade, aitchbone, and bottom flap, as well as our popular thickly sliced beef tongue. Additionally, we offer Japanese sake, which we hope those visiting Japan will take the chance to try. And our restaurant boasts table seating, private rooms, and a banquet hall.


Over 40 years of history

Since our founding in 1975, we have strived to create a restaurant
that our customers want to recommend to others for delicious yakiniku in Nagoya.
We also take great care to foster a spirit of hospitality in our customer relations,
so that every meal enjoyed under our roof is a pleasurable one.


Our ever evolvingsauce

Our restaurant boasts a secret sauce that we add to each day, squeezing ever more flavor out of our ingredients. While the base is always the same, its actual composition is altered according to the cut and attributes of the meat being served, highlighting the many different flavors of our meat.



Name brand wagyu beef from various regions
Day to day and moment to moment,
experience the highest quality meat.

Ushiwaka draws on wagyu suppliers in various regions of Japan in order to ensure that our beef is always the highest quality at any given time. Our lineup therefore changes periodically, and includes Kobe beef, Hida beef, and Sendai beef. We also procure various rare cuts, allowing you to enjoy textures and flavors that you have never experienced before.

※All prices are inclusive of tax.
※All dishes use exclusively wagyu beef, with the exception of the thickly-sliced beef tongue.

※All prices are inclusive of tax.



The aitchbone is a cut from the pelvic area of the cow. It has a fine marbling pattern and is relatively lean. Although this muscular cut has a lower fat content, it possesses a delicate texture.

Top blade

The top blade is a cut from the chuck section of a cow's shoulder blade. With its heavy marbling pattern and juicy taste, it offers an extravagant dining experience. Only 2 to 3kg of this rare cut can be obtained from each cow.

Top blade

Bottom flap

Bottom flap

This rare cut is obtained from the abdomen of the cow. As it is close to the loin, the bottom flap is unique for possessing both the softness of the loin and the delectable flavor of its leaner sections.

Three of our special recommendations

Three of our special recommendations
in a single dish

This dish combines three of our restaurant's specialties: sirloin, aitchbone, and bottom flap. We especially recommend this to new customers, as it offers the chance to sample small portions of three different cuts, allowing you to find your personal favorite.

Sake and
wagyu beef

We also offer local sake
from Aichi prefecture.

We hope you'll enjoy your wagyu beef with sake when you visit our restaurant. The high-quality meat and the sake's delicate rice-based notes enhance each other's wonderful flavors. We also highly recommend our selection of local sake from Aichi prefecture.

Premium Sake"Hakugakusen"
glass 935yen


Fruit wine

Ushiwaka offers fruit wine produced by the Heiwa Shuzo brewery in Wakayama prefecture. Plum wine and yuzu wine brewed using pesticide-free fruits cultivated in Japan as well as other seasonal fruit wines are also available.

Fruit wine


Wine and
wagyu beef

Ushiwaka offers wines of various flavors that are selected to complement juicy lean meat and offal.
You can choose from our selection of red, white, and sparkling wines to suit your tastes.

Japanese whiskey


We also offer customers the chance to enjoy a selection of Japanese whiskeys, such as Yamazaki, Hakushu, and Kaku.Whiskey is served according to customer preferences (highball, on the rocks, etc...).



Private rooms are also available.

Our restaurant's elegant interior consists of partitioned table seats and private rooms on the first floor. As we have a spacious hall on the second floor that can accommodate up to 35 people, we are also happy to cater to the needs of large groups.

private rooms



private rooms